Why not to skip leg day? 6 Reasons

Why not to skip leg day?

Why not to skip leg day?
Why not to skip leg day?

I noticed that all those who work their legs intensely and regularly, have the upper part of the body very well shaped.
Starting from that, I started experimenting and noticed that if I only do a weekly workout for the legs, my abdomen begins to get more defined.

I am convinced that you have noticed that at the gym most people work the upper part of the body, everyone wants muscle to impress, neglecting the lower part of the body.

Leaving aside the fact that a worked body looks ridiculous if only the top of said body is worked and the and legs look as toothpicks, leg weight training  works your entire body and increases your stamina amazingly.

6 Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day

Why not to skip leg day
Why not to skip leg day

1. It is true that by working your legs regularly, you will be able to build muscle mass more easily in the upper body (arms, shoulders, chest, back).
Your muscles don’t grow just because you do certain exercises. For example, the biceps do not grow just because you do curls.
Your body also builds muscle mass on another level. When multiple muscle groups are worked out simultaneously, putting the whole body under intense stress, muscle growth occurs throughout the body.  How does our body do this? With this intense stress that we subject the body through intense training, the body secretes very important hormones for muscle growth – testosterone and growth hormone – which are the basis of any muscle growth.

2. Have you noticed how exhausted you leave the gym when you work your legs?
That’s because the legs contain the largest muscle groups in the entire body. After a killer workout for your legs, your body will produce a significant amount of anabolic hormones, which help build muscle and increase endurance throughout the body.

3. You burn more calories! If you work on large muscle groups, such as your back or legs, your body will burn more calories because they require more energy.

4. A harmonious body. After all, we want a nice look, and neglecting the legs during training can lead to obvious asymmetry.
A well-worked body at the top must be completed by some custom-made legs!

5. More force, fewer injuries.  Stronger legs will increase the strength of the upper body, contributing to the overall muscular development. Also, knee flexions, splints and straightenings help to develop tendons and muscles around the joints and support stability and mobility.

6. Will and mental power.  Admittedly, it’s hard, which is why most of us avoid leg exercises.
These exercises require us both physically and mentally. This is why leg training increases mental strength and strengthens the character like no other exercise.

The next time you get to the gym, look at how many of the people there work their legs and draw a parallel between that and the abdomen they have.  I’m sure you’ll come to agree with me.

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