What To Eat To Get Shredded Fast For Summer

What To Eat To Get Shredded? A lot of proteins

On days with few carbohydrates, most calories will come from the protein.You will consume about 2.5 to 3.5 grams of protein per kilogram a day, or about 270 to 360 grams for a person that weights 80 kilos.This is equivalent to 55% of the total calories from proteins, 20% of carbohydrates and the remaining 25% of fat.
This ratio is about 25 calories per kilogram body, or 2,340 for an 80 pound individual. Protein intake remains the same on day 2 and 3: 2.5 – 3.5 g per kilogram body.

What To Eat To Get Shredded
What To Eat To Get Shredded

You probably already know there are no foods that slow down your metabolism and prevent you from losing weight if you have a caloric deficit. I’m sure you know there are no foods that make you gain weight or to eat. How your weight changes depends on the number of calories you eat. You eat more you gain weight ,you eat less you lose weight. Everyone knows that.

What To Eat To Get Shredded
What To Eat To Get Shredded

But yet the food elections counts. Firstly, it matters for health but it matters a lot for the ease with which you follow the eating plan. If you do not choose the right food, the weight loss period will be a calvary. On the other hand, on the mass period is possible to feel as if you are about to explode if you do not choose the right food. So in this article you will find out what food is best to choose to eat during  the definition period or the mass period, with the purpose of their satiety, convenient and taste. The goal being to make your food as pleasant and simple.
Strictly for fat loss, it does not matter the food you eat if you respect the calories and the macro-nutrients of the day. But it’s very hard to respect those numbers if you do not choose the right meals. When choosing what to eat to get shredded, you should consider the following:

On the weight loss period you should eat as much as possible for the calorie budget you have. Hunger can be a problem, so it’s important to choose foods that have fewer calories than their volume. This will ensure that you do not have too many cravings and it will be much easier to keep you in the limit of calories.  If you have ever had a weight loss period, I think you will agree with me that satiety is the number one priority

Micronutrients and fibers
Micronutrients and fibers are important for health, physical performance and well-being, so you should choose fresh foods that contain them abundantly. In fact, you will see that satiated foods will generally be the most nutritious.
For micronutrients, concentrate on eating natural protein sources like meat, eggs, cheese, many different color vegetables, and 1-2 fruits a day.  This will provide you with all the vitamins and minerals you need.
Optimum fiber consumption is important for satiety and prevents constipation. For men, about 25 grams of fiber per day are recommended, and about 20 grams for women. The fibers will get them both from vegetables and fruits, but also from side dishes 

For the diet to be easy to keep, I think it’s very important to allow yourself to eat the foods you are craving. When you are craving for something, I think you should include it in daily macronutrients.  So do not spoil your diet, but you can enjoy your favorite food – even if you do it in moderation.

What aliments do I recommend?
Chicken breast, chicken thighs, pork chops, lean pork or beef, trout, canned tuna in own juice, eggs, 20% fat cheese, half-fat cow cheese,  3% fat cheese, rice, potatoes, wheat flour (in case you want to eat polenta), bread (but I recommend you buy smaller breds, about 300g), pasta (any assortment), rice pasta, 1-2 fruits daily and a lot of vegetables (in winter I recommend the fibrous ones like carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, peas, frozen Mexican vegetables, etc.).  These are supposed to be the basis of your diet.

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