Skinny But Fat Belly – Skinny Fat Bulk Or Cut

Skinny But Fat Belly - Skinny Fat Bulk Or Cut
Skinny But Fat Belly – Skinny Fat Bulk Or Cut

Skinny But Fat Belly – Skinny Fat Bulk Or Cut

This situation where you are skinny but you also have a belly is a very strange situation, a situation in which there are many people, you do not have too much muscle but at the same time you have some fat.

Skinny fat bulk or cut

The biggest problem for those that are skinny but have a belly (skinny fat) is that They do not know where to go with the diet.(skinny fat bulk or cut).

The solution is therefore to increase muscle mass and lower or maintain body fat.  We need to improve the ratio of fat to muscle and this means that the weight of the person must almost always grow in the end.

The best option for a skinny fat person is a recomposition. Recomposition means you want to go on muscle growth but at the same time burn fat. It sounds good but it’s not as easy to do as it sounds.

Skinny fat diet

The body recomposition diet is probably the most difficult thing you can do with your body. Because you have to be pretty accurate with everything:

  • You need to be very accurate with the calories you consume, just like in the weight loss period. You have to consume a calorie count as in the maintenance period but with a protein content higher than 2-2.2gr / kg.
  • Cardio training 3 times a week. Don’t do a lot of cardio because then the deficit is too big and you will loose more weight instead.But a little cardio should be added to stimulate the metabolism a bit and to help it burn fat. Preferably it would be Hiit  10-15 minutes 3 times a week.
  • Weight training

Why is someone skinny-fat?

I think it’s useful to first understand why a person is thin but has belly or fat on his chest and back.  There are two main causes: Genetics and / or Weight loss diets made wrong.


Undoubtedly, the most common cause is genetics.  Most boys / men who are likely to face this problem when they are young have tended to have skinny arms, legs, chest and back but easily accumulate fat on the abdomen.

2. Those who lost their muscle mass during weight loss

 Another way to get thin but still fluffy and soft is to lose weight.  There are some people who choose the wrong diet, eat too little and too little protein, do a lot of cardio exercises and do not lift weight.  As a result, they lose much of their muscle mass with the fat.  Finally, they are thin but not muscular, but soft and fat.  Generally, girls make this mistake, but it also happens to boys.

Skinny fat solutions

  • Give up alcohol
  • Change your diet – eat vegetables, fruits, lean meats, fish, everything cooked as natural as possible.  You do not have to count your calories, just eat clean and dietetic.
  •  Do not forget to do as much sport as possible.
  • When you need a consolation or a relaxing method look for any other way in order to avoid eating.
  • Sleep as much as your body needs-lack of sleep affects your hormonal system, including those hormones that regulate your appetite.
  • Find a way to fight stress
  • Do sport, but not in excess – exhausting exercises make you even more stressed.
  • Consume magnesium-rich foods that have an antistress effect
  • -Vegetables with green leaves, nuts, peanuts.
  • -Teas, yoga and stretching exercises help you relax.

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