Minimum Intake Calories For Weight Loss

Minimum Intake Calories For Weight Loss

How to find the minimum intake calories for weight loss
You need to get weighted.The best is to get weighted in the morning with an empty stomach.

Minimum Intake Calories For Weight Loss
Minimum Intake Calories For Weight Loss

I will introduce to you a formula based on the Layton McDonald’s study. Many fitness models use this formula.This method works for 90-95% of people.

Formula: Kg (Your weight) x 2.2 x (14.15, or 16). You can multiply with any number between 14-16. Probably you are now lost and you do not know what the number to use.In this world there is no way to be 100% accurate. You have a caloric need different from mine.We are different, we have different heights and weights.Our cellular processes are not the same.
In order to choose a correct number we will take into account our physical activity. If you are very active we choose a number close to 16 (Ex 15.5). If you are not active and you are very sedentary your figure is close to 14.
My advice to everyone is to start with number 15. Use the the caloric requirement you get for 2 weeks.See if you put on fat or lose weight.If you get fat you will have to use less than 15.

What you will find in this article you can use the rest of your life. All you have to do is not to hurry because it will help you very much. Once you have the calories for maintanance it is very easy to lose weight.Just reduce your calorie intake by 300-700 calories/day and it is a guarantee thet you will lose weight. If you want to gain weight, you only need to increase the number of calories consumed.

With this formula,we try to find out the calories you need to keep your weight.Let’s say you know exactly how many calories your body needs and consume only that,you will not change your weight at all.
Another important factor is the percentage of fat.At the same weight,a person who has a higher fat percentage will consume less energy than someone who has a lower percentage of fat.In other words,the muscle mass consumes more energy. It is very important to increase your muscular mass, the more muscle you have, the easier it will be to lose or to keep your weight.

I have been using this formula for a very long time and I have learned that I need to multiply by 15.3. By multiplying kg by 2.2 and then by 15.3 I get 2475. This is my caloric requirement to keep my weight.

Minimum Intake Calories For Weight Loss

Minimum intake calories for weight loss
If I want to lose weight, I am having a calorie deficit between 300-700. My recommandation would have a calorie deficit of 500 calories / day. After 7 days you will lose 3500 calories, which means about 500 grams of pure fat.

How much should i eat to gain muscle mass
If you want to increase muscle mass or just to gain weight, the number of calories you need to maintain, in my case 2475 add 200-500 calories / day. My recommandation is to add 300 calories per day.

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