Low Carb High Protein Food

Low Carb High Protein Food
Low Carb High Protein Food

Why is it necessary to consume low carb high protein food?

During the weight loss period it is not recommended to consume carbohydrates because our body has to use fat in order to produce energy.

The preferred energy source of the body are the carbohydrates : fruits, potatoes, rice, oatmeal, practically the linings.

The moment that we start consuming less carbohydrates than our body needs it will force the body to start consuming the fat, after consuming the fat that we ate will start to consume the fat that we have stored in the adipose tissue.

It is practically a process of educating the body to use the fat that is stored.

Proteins help maintain the muscular mass. Proteins are very nourishing and will help you to control the hunger. However many proteins you eat they do not fatten.

During the weight loss period we have to choose the proteins that contain the least fat : chicken, turkey,  fish. They have the advantage that they are also complete proteins. Complete proteins contain all 20 amino acids.

If you want to lose weight the best solution is to eat low carb high protein food, to be in caloric deficit and to avoid food that is rich in fat. Only this way you will force tour body to consume the fat that is stored.

Low carb high protein food list:

  • Meat: chicken, turkey, beef, pork
  • Fish: tuna, salmon, wild fish is the best
  • Eggs
  • Healthy oils.

Food that you should avoid: sugar, Juices, rice, pasta, bread, cereals, dairy products, processed foods. If you choose a diet that contains little to none carbohydrates you have to limit the consumption of vegetables as well.

Personally i do not recommend a very low carbohydrate number. The best I felt during my weight loss period was when I ate about 25% carbohydrates, 45% proteins and 30% fat.

If you want to lose about 20-30kg or more, I recommend to eat the products that are on the low carb high protein foods list without calculating the calories and to avoid the foods listed above.

Eating only low carb high protein foods can give you really good results. For this people the results are granted, considering that they do not have a slow metabolism and by eating low carb high protein food they will be in caloric deficit.

When you see that you are no longer loosing weight it means that your metabolism has slowed down and that you have to start counting the amount of calories that you consume per day.

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