5 Ways to Burn Calories All Day – Calories Weight Loss

When you decide to start losing weight you have to start creating the caloric deficit. There are 2 ways to create the caloric deficit either you start eating less or you choose to start to burn the calories. For better and faster results combine a healthy diet with sport.   

The human body consumes a certain amount of calories even when it is in a state of rest in order to keep alive.

5  Ways to Burn Calories

5  Ways to Burn Calories

5 Ways To Burn Calories:

1.Increase the muscle mass

For every muscle kilo that you gain, Your body will consume about 200 more calories a day. It’s enough to weight train 3 times a week in order to increase you muscle mass.

Not only will you burn more calories but you will also feel and look better. It does not count how many kilos do you have keep in mind that the muscle mass weights more that the fat being heavier. The best way to keep track is to measure your waist, buttocks and any other areas that are of special interest to you.

2.Do more sport:

Would be preferable a more intense workout that will increase the pulse such as cardio or HIIT. But even the most simple and common activities can help you burn calories: clapping your hands, balance your legs, house work, shopping, take walks, use the stairs instead of the elevator, park your car farther.

3.Do not skip breakfast

Who skips breakfast will be hungry all day long. 

Ways to Burn Calories
Do Not Skip Breakfast

According to some studies those who start the day with an empty stomach have a tendency to ensure their caloric intake by eating greasy food. This could be the explanation of why about 35% of those who try to lose weight by skipping breakfast have no notable resultants and even tend to put on weight.

4.Sleep more

According to the studies if you sleep less than 5 hours per night for a longer period of time your metabolism starts to slow the process of calorie burn. In general you should sleep between 7 to 9 hours per night. Go to sleep earlier, try to sleep as many hours as you can before 00.00. Those who sleep less than 7 hours per night have the tendency to choose food rich in fat and sugar. 

5.Eat spicy foods.

 There are evidences that supports the fact that spicy foods, with chili for example, help increase metabolic rate by as much as half. The effect is maintained for approximatively 3 hours after eating spicy foods. In addition some beverages have the same effects. Coffee and greed tea excels in this respect.

Other ways to burn calories:

Chewing gum. You burn a couple of calories and in addition you replace with success the snacks full of unsatured fat.

Do not give up coffee. The caffeine increases the calorie burning power.

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